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Kentucky Ministry Weekend Report

June 1-3, 2018

Last weekend the New York Staff Band found themselves hurtling across the sky in a small airplane headed toward Lexington, Kentucky, for a ministry weekend that would feature the band at the Great American Brass Band Festival. All of the band were looking forward to the opportunities that would arise, both musically and spiritually, and it is safe to say there was much excitement in the air as the band prepared for its final trip before Commissioning at the end of the season.

Upon arriving in Lexington, we were greeted by a tour bus that can simply be described as stupendous, featuring leather seats, TVs, a small kitchen, spacious tables, and even beds that could be folded down from the ceiling (a feature that several bandsmen decided to utilize). We were elated at this unexpected pleasure and had a relaxing journey to Lexington Citadel for our first concert of the weekend. We had a hearty meal prepared by the corps for us and we felt very welcomed by all. Our concert that evening was well-attended and the band was on fine form for what would be the longest performance for us of the weekend. Special thanks must be made to Jeff Barrington, a former NYSB member, for stepping in on short notice to play solo cornet due to unforeseen circumstances.

Lexington Corps Concert Program
Proclamation – Davoren
Be Still – Gates
Welcome & Opening Prayer
Russlan & Ludmilla – Glinka
Cornet Solo: Song and Dance – Sparke (Soloist Brindley Venables)
Trombone Solo: When I Survey – Ritman (Soloist Matt Luhn)
Band Chorus: Jesus Paid it All
Devotional – Lt. Colonel James LaBossiere
Fearless – Wainwright
Jubilo, Jubilo – Cordner
New York, New York – Richards
Red Shield – Goffin
He Watches – Collier
Song of Courage – Ball
Stars & Stripes – Sousa
Rock of Ages

After the concert, the band piled into our bus and travelled to Danville, where we would be spending the night at Centre College. We were greeted with boxes of donuts and happily retired to our dorm rooms for the evening.

The next morning the band enjoyed a generous start at 10am, where we gathered for the parade. It was a lovely morning for a march down the street and we were able to finish before the real heat of the Kentucky sun came out. The band featured two staples of NYSB parade repertoire: “Cairo Red Shield”and “Rosehill”.

After lunch, the band headed to the Norton Performing Arts Center, just a short distance away from our dorms, to rehearse for our concert the next day. It was a special treat for the band to play with Christopher Martin, principal trumpet of the New York Philharmonic. Chris delivered sparkling renditions of “Song and Dance”(Sparke) and “Song of Hope”(Meechan), both played on Bb cornet. The band also was privileged to be joined by Mark Ridenour, acting principal trumpet of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, who played “Quicksilver”(Graham) with Chris.

After rehearsal the band had our second concert of the weekend, which was the outdoor presentation at the Great American Brass Band Festival. This festival is one that has been growing in popularity over the last several years and this was certainly true on this occasion as the crowds piled onto the lawn to hear the bands of the day. The NYSB delivered a mix of new and old repertoire and was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd who didn’t let the Kentucky heat stop them from enjoying a lovely performance. The rest of the day was spent by the band enjoying various performances and exploring the lovely town of Danville.

Proclamation – Davoren
Red Shield – Goffin
Jubilo, Jubilo – Cordner
Be Still – Gates
Wake up the Saint – Cordner
New York, New York – Richards
Stars & Stripes

The following morning much of the band made the short journey to First Christian Church, where we were treated to a delicious cooked breakfast. We then traveled back to the main lawn for the Sunday church service. It was a pleasure for the band to have Mark Ridenour join the solo cornet bench for the morning’s worship. Following the church service and a short break, we moved to the main stage for our final concert of the weekend. The sun began shining just in time for the performance and the band brought a fitting close to the weekend. Guest soloists Chris and Mark played superbly and it is safe to say the New York Staff Band will not forget its trip to Kentucky nor the message of God we were able to present.

GABBF SUNDAY Morning Service Main Stage
Proclamation – Davoren
He Watches – Collier
They Shall Come From the East – Larsson
In Quiet Pastures – RSA
Lloyd – PLC

GABBF SUNDAY Concert Main Stage  
Russlan & Ludmilla – Glinka
Cornet Solo: Song and Dance – Sparke (Soloist Chris Martin)
Thy Matchless King – Collier
Cornet Solo: Song of Hope – Meechan (Soloist Chris Martin)
Semper Fidelis – Cordner
Cornet Duet: Quicksilver – Graham (Soloists Mark Ridenour and Chris Martin)
Valero – Smith

Dan Wajda – Solo Cornet, NYSB