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New Jersey Weekend

The New York Staff Band was privileged to visit the New Jersey Division on the weekend of May 16-17, 2015.  To kick off our time in the division, a small ensemble from the band was able to perform for and interact with a group of enthusiastic, budding young musicians at the Red Bank Corps.  The band loves this kind of ministry:  encouraging young people to love playing music that honors the Lord whilst living lives that honor the Lord.

On Saturday evening, the Staff Band was the guest for a concert at Evangel Church in Scotch Plains, NJ with the title, A Concert for the Least of These.  It was a joy to perform for the enthusiastic crowd.

On Sunday morning, we once again visited the Evangel Church for a very special time of worship with the congregants of this beautiful church.  We participated in both of their morning meetings, joining with their worship band.  The highlight of the weekend was to meet and hear the testimony of special guest speaker, Huldah Buntain of Calcutta Mercy Ministries.  She and her husband went to India over 50 years ago as young missionaries and have served the poor in Calcutta ever since, building hospitals and schools, and an amazing legacy.  It was a blessing.

Thanks to Dean Farrar, Divisional Music Director for New Jersey for organizing the weekend.