Easter Glory

Rarely have Salvation Army brass bands produced recorded programs
focused on the Passion and Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Christmas has provided the more popular focus, as have concert programs
with a praise emphasis of general focus.

Staff Bandmaster Ronald Waiksnoris and the New York Staff Band


Celebrate 125 years of the New York Staff band as the band releases a new CD, “Timeless”. This CD takes a look back at the last twenty years of the New York Staff Band and features special guest soloists Philip Smith and Patrick Sheridan as well as current or former staff bandsman Gordon Ward, Captain Al Honsberger, Raymond Livingston and Aaron VanderWeele.


Pressing OnWard
In celebrating its 125th year, the New York Staff Band offers a balanced recorded programme that salutes the past and embraces new music written especially for the occasion.


Music of Thanksgiving and Hope

"The New York Staff Band's dynamic program of six representative concert works in the period 1950 - 2010 demonstrates a major tension present in Salvation Army band literature: the desire to proclaim a clear and simple gospel message through accessible songs versus the increasingly sophisticated symphonic scale works designed to challenge the experienced listener on multiple levels.


New York, New York

The NYSB has always sought to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ via entertaining music that also carries a clear spiritual message or application. That has been particularly true of the NYSB under its current director, Ronald Waiksnoris.


A Christmas Fanfare

A Christmas Fanfare is the first Christmas recording by the New York Staff Band since the band released Christmas Rejoicing in 1998. For some avid brass band followers, the latest recording may be a long awaited addition to a collection. For others, including the casual listener, it will be a great way to experience the spirit of the season.


Rock of Ages

This compilation recording celebrates four decades of chorus leadership by Major Thomas Mack. From Vernon Post’s elegant “Introit” through Mack’s wide range of arrangements and finally to the band’s alma mater and benediction,“Rock of Ages,” this disc stands as testimony to the band’s effective singing throughout Thomas Mack’s distinguished leadership.


Ceaseless Service

One hundred twenty years of continuous service is a momentous milestone for the New York Staff Band. The band’s history reflects a long line of musicians who have played music to bring honor to God, including many fine composers and arrangers. This recording features music written by New York Staff Band composers.


Chris Jaudes with the New York Staff Band

Salvationist Broadway Trumpeter Chris Jaudes showcases his versatility with Trumpet solos of a range of styles, accompanied by the NYSB.




A collection of solos by our principal cornetist, Gordon Ward.